Why We Say Nba 2k18 Is The Best Basketball Video Game

Since the invention of basketball video games, there have been many variations to the play of the game. The game was invented about 30 years ago and since the 1990’s, the floodgates of basketball videogames opened up. After the first few games, many modifications were made on the game to enhance the playability of the game. From enhanced graphics to improved controls the aim of producing the game was to make you feel like you are an actual player in the NBA.

There were many brands of games most of them produced by EA sports. But now the game that has withstood the test of time is the NBA 2k brand. NBA 2k has been for a long time now the highest rated brand of sports game in the current generation of consoles. They have added the NBA 2k 18 to their rage of games. The NBA 2k18 is rumored to be the best game of the current generation.

NBA 2K18 overview

One of the most anticipated games of the year. It is set to be released on September 19th. Since the release of the first trailer there has been a lot on the games. A lot has also been learnt from the few that have received the demo edition to try out. The game appears to be the most authentic and realistic version of the series ever. So far this is the information that we have on the game.

1. Cover Athletes

nba 2k18 cover star

In two of the versions of the game, the player Kyrie Irving will appear on the cover page of the game. He will feature in the jersey of whichever team he will be on by then as this is the transfer season at NBA. This will be in the American versions of the game. I Canada, the cover page will feature DeMar DeRozan. As in the other version, it will show the team he will be on. In certain special edition covers, Shaquille O’Neal will feature.

2. Graphics

nba 2k18 Graphics improved

As seen from the trailers, NBA 2K18 graphics are out of this world. The graphics in this game are so good that they humiliate those on 2K17. The excellent pictures and graphics so previewed make you wonder how they could even achieve such a feat. If you compare characters in 2K17 and 2K18, you will notice the difference in color, muscle tone and even details like sweat running down their arms and faces. All the graphics in the game are detailed making it look much more realistic.

3. Manager mode

Probably the newest and most revolutionary addition to the franchise. The NBA 2K18, will feature a manager mode that is fully story driven. You get to manage a team. You will feature as a former basketball player who suffered an injury that ended your career six month prior to the date. This time you will be on the bench in a suit and you will manage a team along other managers.


Those are all the important aspects of the new NBA 2K18. Now, you can come to expressonly.com to get the discount code and you can buy nba 2k18 coins with big bonus when the game have coming out. It is set to be the biggest basketball game in the year. It is compatible with Xbox one and play station 4. The price is yet to be released but the above is why we say it is the best basketball video game in existence.