RuneScape 3 Game Simple Review

Runescape is one of the most popular games around. This free-to-play browser MMORPG is set in a detailed, medieval fantasy world of epic proportions. Geographically and historically, it draws its inspiration from other classic role-playing games that deliver innovative and contemporary experiences. It boasts of a character-class-free skill system and elective gameplay. There is no limit to the number of heroes you can become or quests you can complete. This is a game that rewards smart and witty thinkers. Here is a further breakdown Runescape 3 game simple review:

What Makes RS 3 Game So Good

Key Features

The best aspect of Runescape 3 is perhaps the fact that players are able to turn their experiences into a grand adventure. The game also has the following features:

  • An amazing open world – Runescape 3 has a vast and expensive world setting, it is filled with a sprawling environment that will motivate you to explore and get to all of its hard-to-reach corners.
  • 26 skills to retrieve – From trading, fishing, cooking, and swordsmanship, the game is jampacked with an array of interesting skills to train. As you play through the levels, there are a handful of skills to retrieve.
  • Hundreds of quests – There are numerous related quests for every player complete. The more you play through the quests, the better your skills will be.
  • Frequent updates – You can expound on the game’s content and participate in various special events.

In comparison to other games, Runescape 3 is set apart by its millions of worldwide players, skill-based progression and a large game world that is welcoming to anyone with an adventurous side. Get more Runescape tips or buy RS 3 gold you can come to

Quests and Events

The world events that players can participate in takes sides in a war between Saradomin and Zamorak gods. Your main task will be to harvest or collect god tears as well as decide how the events will unfold. Runescape games have always been about completing quests, therefore, it is important to focus on the kind of skill training that will enable you to meet the requirements for the next available quest. It is also easy to set a new quest and keep track of it.

What Makes This Game So Good?

For Runescape to survive for more than a decade, there has to be something special to it. Like its predecessors, Runescape 3 has proven that it will continue to be engaging and immersive game. Unlike other grind fest games, where the majority of the quests are simply focused on killing the monster, Runescape 3 introduces diversity.

It offers players scores of skills to master, ranging from the classic combat to complete dungeon delving. It does not stop there! The game has 212 quests to be enjoyed. These include baking a cake, meeting the elder gods, participating in various trades among other activities. Runescape 3 also offers a vast and beautiful world that is full of possibilities.


As one of the best games out there, Runescape 3 introduces a fresh experience from what you may ordinarily be used to. If you are looking for that new playing perspective, jolly co-operation and straight up grinding, this is the game for you!