About me

I am a high school teacher from Tennessee, and on the Internet they call me Andy. Of course, I hope you call me this way.

andy  daddyI am more than 50 years old this year, for my students, they prefer to call me as Andy Daddy. In my career, I have taught almost a company of students. I like the young children, they are full of imagination, there are smart, there are slow movements, there are many problems children. But for me, with all the students to get a good exchange is what I most want.

In a few years ago I was a student, here called him Tom. Tom said to me: hey! Andy Daddy, will you play the game? I have a great game here, if you do not mind if I want to play with you

Actually, I know that Tom just wants to enjoy my new TV in my house. But I still had a happy afternoon with him. But since then, I fell in love with the game. I like the children in my home with me through one another happy time.

I love the game. Here is Andy Daddy’s game blog!